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Engineering solutions -
design, manufacture and delivery

For more than 75 years, Century has an outstanding history of providing complex and technically advanced engineering solutions to various industries, such as mining, defence, power, water, and rail.

Their commitment to delivering exceptional workmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind their consistent growth, establishing them as one of the leading and most proficient providers of advanced manufacturing services in South Australia.

Century Core Capabilities Overview

Century employs over 120 skilled personnel at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Edinburgh North, where they have earned a solid reputation as a trusted manufacturer of critical equipment and components.

Concepts and Solutions

Special purpose design from concept and problem-solving to reverse engineering and refurbishment.

Complex Fabrication

Specialist in intricate and custom-designed structures, cutting-edge techniques to defence standards. Mechanical Pipe Spooling and Pressure Vessel Manufacture.

Precision Manufacturing

Advanced machining technologies, precise and high-quality machining solutions, and surface treatments to meet demanding specifications.

32,000m2 Production Site

Specifically designed for Heavy Engineering, Large Component and multi processes production with comprehensive surface treatment and painting.

Quality & Certifications

Complete through process quality control, inspection, traceability, and reporting. Rigorous testing and validation to deliver functionality, compliance within industry standards and client specifications.

Multi Process Assembly

Experienced in meticulous assembly of intricate and multifaceted products, and efficient integration of various components.

Sustainment and Maintenance

Comprehensive through life support and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of product lifecycle.


Project management and engineering expertise from cross industry experience work force.

Highly Skilled
Technical Team

Century Engineering (‘Century’) has a highly skilled technical team that embodies expertise, precision, and dedication. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the industry, they consistently deliver exceptional results. These skilled professionals are well-versed in the latest manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, complex fabrication, welding, industrial surface treatment, assembly and they excel in translating designs into tangible, high-quality products.


Century's manufacturing ecosystem is an interconnected network of components, processes, and stakeholders that contribute to efficient and high-quality production. It includes advanced technologies, skilled labour, strong supply chains, supportive policies and a culture of continuous improvement. Manufacturing is a culture that permeates the entire organisation.

Projects Not
Just Products

Successful projects are crucial for organisations and individuals, offering benefits such as efficient resource management, enhanced reputation, stakeholder satisfaction, risk mitigation, and team development. By focusing on successful project execution, Century can foster growth, innovation, and long-term success.

and Process

Performing well once may be uncomplicated, but achieving excellence repeatedly necessitates the implementation of a system and process. While knowledge and skill are valuable, it's the system and process that allow for the creation of consistent results and a consistent delivery. Century's reputation for consistency is a result of its dedication to systems.


At Century, clear communication is essential to successful project delivery. They are committed to providing their customers with honest and transparent updates on project scope, timelines and any potential issues. With over 1,000 successful projects under our belt, you can trust that Century will deliver on their promises.

Solutions and
ideas delivery

Century has the necessary expertise in design, prototyping, and manufacturing to create engineering and technical solutions that are both efficient to manufacture and effective in the field. They not only devise ideas and solutions, but they also deliver them. With Century, you can be confident that you're not alone in your project. Customers will always have technical and experienced professionals to ensure the best possible outcome.

diverse market presence encompasses the following sectors:


Catering to the unique engineering requirements of the defence industry, Century delivers innovative and reliable solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Read More


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Century's proficiency in the water industry spans the design, manufacture, and installation of water-related infrastructure, contributing to the efficient management and distribution of this vital resource. Read More


Supporting the energy and power sectors through the manufacturing of critical components, equipment, and systems that contribute to reliable and sustainable energy generation. Read More


Curiosity/An Inquiring Mind

Searching for the best way to provide meaningful solutions.


Century deliver on their promise, everyone is accountable.

Honest & Robust Conversations

Fearless factual conversations to get the best outcome for all stakeholders.

One Team - Collective Goal

The best team is regularly sharing information to understand other’s needs.

Management Team

David Heaslip

Managing Director

Andrew Sinclair

Business Development Manager – Mining

Dwayne Hewitson

Business Development Manager – Defence

Luke Heaslip

Business Development Manager – Energy


Andrew Solomon

QHSE Manager

Lia Ladas

People and Culture Manager

Jojo Tapales

Estimating Manager

David Harvey

Factory Manager

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