The Defence industry, more than any other, relies on critical equipment and systems with many of these needing to be dependable and consistently high quality for the long-term. Robust, reliable equipment, infrastructure and processes are essential to the Defence sector – there is no room for error or failure.

Specialist services to the defence sector

Century is experienced in delivering complex, multi-process engineering projects to the Defence industry across naval, land and electronic sectors for more than 25 years.

Century, with its skilled ‘Defence project delivery teams,’ is a recognized leader in meeting the exacting specifications and time constraints of the Defence industry. This reputation has made them the preferred engineering solutions provider for some of Australia’s largest land and naval Defence programs.

With their large CNC machining and specialized fabrication, in-house painting and assembly capability, Century can mitigate risk in their manufacturing solutions, including:

  • Complex fabrication and tolerance machining
  • In-house surface treatment & assembly
  • Through process NDT testing
  • Through process material tractability and documentation
  • Customer materials management
  • Production operations MRP systems
  • Strip and assess services
  • Partial or complete rebuild services
  • Sub-contract management
  • Supply chain sourcing
  • MDR report management
  • Reverse engineering

Sovereign Industry Capability

Sovereign Industry Capability is essential for the Australian Defence Force. The Department of Defence has prioritised critical industrial capabilities being developed within Australia, to both increase our self-reliance as a nation and to contribute to the Australian economy.

Century is a wholly Australian-owned business, headquartered in the Adelaide defence hub of Edinburgh, South Australia.

Partnering with Century will help ensure that the Government and Australian Defence Force have the industrial capability to build and sustain complex and sophisticated Defence platforms and equipment within Australia. 

Examples of Century's work

Land forces

  • Armored Personnal Carrier Upgrades (APCs). This project involved 125 vehicles and the work included:
    • Hull stretch fabrication
    • Hull and drive train machining
    • Roof extension works including fabrication and machining
    • Doors and grills fabrication and machining
    • Miscellaneous fabrication and machining services
  • Vehicle Bar Armor supply and manufacture
  • 155mm ammunition (projectile and power) storage systems
  • Various through-life maintenance and repairs to Light Armored Vehicles (ASLAVs), including hull repairs, machining and fabrication services
  • Landrover Roll Over Protection Systems manufacture
  • Turret mounts – fabrication and machining
  • Unit Load Ammunition Containers (ULACs) – manufacture as part of Land 17 Phase 1C1
  • Manufacture of anti-rocket cage system for 60 ASLAV vehicles for deployment into Iraq
  • Manufacture of Land Rover ROPS systems including turret rings for approximately 100 vehicles
  • Spare parts manufacture for ASLAV & M113 vehicles
  • JORN High Frequency precision machines component supply
  • Battlespace Communications System (Currawong) precision machined component supply

In addition to the above specific projects, Century is regularly involved in general product manufacture of support systems and components for Defence customers nationally.


  • ANZAC Class Frigate – original build suppliers and through-life support
  • Collins Class Submarine – original build suppliers and through-life support
  • Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Dock – original build supplier
  • Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer – original build supplier
  • Arafura-class Offshore Patrol Vessel – original build supplier


Client: BAE Systems
Project: The manufacture of Unit Load Ammunition Containers

The specific products and services they have manufactured and provided include:

  • Flight deck net assemblies
  • Piping and cable support systems
  • Penetrations and hatches
  • Butterfly valve assemblies
  • Torpedo assemblies
  • Internal & external stowages
  • Davit assemblies
  • Intakes and uptake exhaust piping and ducts
  • Bridge consoles
  • Dive control consoles
  • Battery copper conductor systems
  • Through life mechanical support
  • Rotable refurbishment for OEM components
  • Fabrication, machining, painting and portable CMM inspection

Some of Century’s key defence customers include:

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