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CENTURY designs, manufactures and delivers diverse engineering solutions

Century Engineering (‘Century’) has been delivering complex and technical engineering solutions for over 75 years. With its 32,000m2 manufacturing ecosystem and highly skilled team, it is the engineering and equipment partner of choice to many of Australia’s leading organisations in the mining, power, defence, and water industries.

THE Century Difference

Highly Skilled
Technical Team

Century’s skilled technical team embodies expertise, precision, and dedication. With extensive industry experience, they consistently deliver exceptional results, excelling in CNC machining, fabrication, welding, surface treatment, assembly, and translating designs into high-quality products.


Century’s manufacturing ecosystem is a network of components, processes, and stakeholders contributing to efficient and high-quality production. It encompasses advanced technologies, skilled labour, robust supply chains, and supportive policies that promote a manufacturing culture that permeates the entire organisation.

Projects Not
Just Products

Emphasising successful projects is essential for Century, providing benefits like efficient resource management, enhanced reputation, stakeholder satisfaction, risk mitigation, and team development. This approach fosters growth, innovation, and long-term success.

and Process

Consistent excellence requires more than individual success; it demands a reliable system. Century’s reputation for consistency stems from its commitment to effective systems and processes.


At Century clear communication is essential for project success. Committed to transparency, they provide honest updates on scope, timelines, and potential issues. With 1,000+ successful projects, trust Century for reliable delivery.

Solutions and
ideas delivery

Century excels in design, prototyping, and manufacturing, crafting efficient and effective engineering solutions. They not only generate ideas but also deliver results, offering assurance through a team of technical experts to ensure the best project outcomes.

Industry Capabilities


Century manufactures and supplies complex mining and plant equipment. This includes design, installation, maintenance, refurbishment and urgent breakdown repairs. They offer a range of mechanical and structural engineering services suited to the resources and energy sector. Read more


Century has experience and strong capabilities in project management, complex fabrication, tolerance machining, surface treatment, equipment manufacturing and assembly within the defence sector. They continue to work on some of the largest land and naval defence programs within Australia. Read more


Century’s experience with high voltage transmission steelwork, substation support structures, and distribution line hardware and infrastructure ensure the ongoing operation of our clients’ electricity infrastructure. They also have the capability to engage and deliver in major projects, site works, and ongoing supply agreements. Read more


Century’s specialised water division, Liquitek, manufactures water and wastewater process equipment. Their specialised knowledge and experience in water re-use, wastewater and drinking water treatment systems, combined with access to global brands, offers a reliable and robust solution for your next water treatment project. Read more


Century builds realistic partnerships to provide long-term solutions that deliver great value. Excellent communicators,
Century builds enduring relationships and works with several industry-leading suppliers including:

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